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What sets your exhibit apart from everyone else’s on the show floor, all aiming for the common goal – stand out and catch people’s attention, consequently better in promoting its products and services.


Let our team of talented and experienced exhibit designers create a booth that enhances the image of your brand. 


It only takes a matter of seconds for a potential customer to decide whether he is going to engage or keep on walking. Your exhibit booth is an extension of your company.  It must be well presented, as it speaks silently on your behalf.

What is your target?

Imagine you are standing in your brand new million dollar exhibit with awe inspiring holograms showing your product in 3-D, eye catching TV walls with beautifully filmed videos that attract crowds from way down the aisle. Your entire booth is illuminated with dramatic theatrical lighting. An environment practically placing people in a state of trance.

Now that attendees are in your booth, what do you want them to do next? Is there a key product or message you’d like them to be aware of? Would you like them to navigate on their own or on a controlled path? Are products on display only or is there a demo area? Do you need video screen for education? How will meetings be conducted, in the open or private? These are just some of the questions that needs be considered during the design process. An exhibit booth must look good and function well to be considered a success.

From Concept…

We designers are not merely making pretty drawings, we are problem solvers with a keen sense of aesthetics. We take your list of must haves and wishes, put on our thinking caps and create design drawings that allow you and builders to see what was envisioned in our minds. We determine the best way to showcase your products & services, specify the material and finish of every component and how it would be constructed within budget.

A beautiful design rendering is only step one. Our teams of master craftsmen then translate our design concept drawings to reality the way it was envisioned.

…to Reality.

Exhibit builders are a special breed of craftsman. Exhibit components need to stay under certain dimensions for ease of handling and shipping. Everything comes in pieces, where it needs be assembled and disassembled with ease. It must be self supportive, as nothing can be anchored to the floor.

A structure built for exhibit costs more than a structure built for permanent installation because it requires more work to construct. It needs be durable to withstand the repetitive I&D and abuse during transportation.

The impact of a well designed and executed exhibit booth is unparalleled, as it highlights and showcases your brand like no other.