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Custom Exhibit Rental Solutions


Let our team of talented and experienced exhibit designers assist you in creating a booth that best fits your needs.


A Custom wood booth has more presence, but at the same time costs the most to fabricate. Its heavy weight incurs high transportation costs and requires more time to set up and dismantle. On the opposite end of the spectrum there is a Pop-up booth. It’s feather weight in comparison, it compacts into a check-in luggage where you can tote it around and set it up in 30 minutes or less. However, it offers very limited product hanging capabilities.

Our custom rental solution has the best of both worlds. Its modular light weight aluminum frames can be fitted with printed vinyl banners, printed PVC or slat panels. It can be easily configured and gives the custom wood booth look while having the light weight advantage of portable booths.

Should you Rent?


A general industry rule of thumb dictates that renting an exhibit property runs about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of purchasing a similar exhibit (custom printing of graphic not included). If you exhibit at multiple shows per year with the same configuration, owning probably makes more sense.

If your booth space and location vary from show to show, dealing with varying footprints can be difficult with owned properties. Also if you exhibit multiple shows a year, you may not have enough properties to go around if shows overlap or budget throwing expedite shipping is required when shows are back to back.

With rental, there is no recurring cost of monthly storage and maintenance fee. The flexibility of having a fresh presence at every show is also a plus. A startup company may want to launch their brands with an impressive booth, but may not have the funds yet to purchase a full blown custom exhibit until they are more established.

What We Offer


Our fully customizable rental exhibits can easily be configured into various shapes and sizes. Let us know what you intend to achieve at the show and we can work out a design solution that best suits your needs.

One important factor to keep in mind is costs of Show services, which include Freight of exhibit property, Material Handling (drayage), Electrical + Labor and Booth/Hanging sign Installation & Dismantle Labor. Labor rate differs from state to state, ie, hourly rate in Georgia costs less than half of that in New York. Generally, show services cost 30-40% of the rental exhibit. If the rental cost is $10k, show services would be around $3-4k. This is why we need to ask for your total exhibit budget. If your total project budget is $10k, the actual amount that we can spend is about $6-7k. This amount helps us to determine what we can do, how many graphics we can print, etc.